“No worker is inherently vulnerable. Workers are made vulnerable by laws that facilitate relationships of inequality and laws that fail to address exploitation. We need to name both: how that inequality is constructed and who benefits from it.”
- Fay Faraday

From canadianlabour.ca.

“We are the largest labour organization in Canada.

Bringing together dozens of national and international unions, provincial and territorial federations of labour and community-based labour councils to represent 3.3 million workers for more than 50 years.”

2014 National Policy Convention, Montréal.

May of 2014 would bring me my second working visit to Montréal’s Palais de congress, this time for the Canadian Labour Congress 2014 National Policy Convention. In the lead up to the convention, I was tasked with putting together two featured video pieces to introduce two key policy papers authored by the CLC.

“An economy for a fairer tomorrow” outlined policy concepts to address the growing issue of income inequality in Canada through the CLC’s more progressive and worker-centric lens. The second featured video piece

“Setting the Stage for Union Renewal Changing Demographics in the Workforce” was a study of how the workforce, much like the electorate in Canada is changing and that the Labour Movement must acknowledge the shift and work to be even more inclusive in reaching out to this diverse modern workforce.

Scripted bilingually, the pieces run 6:18 and 7:14 respectively and are subtitled, for the event I subtitled one video in French and the other in English and ran simultaneously.

Feature Videos
“An economy for a fairer tomorrow” (2014)

Direction, animation, editing.
“Setting the Stage for Union Renewal
Changing Demographics in the Workforce” (2014)

Direction, editing, animation.

Speaker & Panel Video Introductions

To note at this point in my career and time in the Ottawa circle, I was being trusted to create pieces like these with virtually no management. I was given a brief and some in many cases a short script and left to my own devices. Which brings me to the second main task I had for the Convention. Making short, bilingual video introductions for all of the featured Speakers and Expert Panels. Which required some creative problem solving, since there was little to no video footage to be shot, or already available to use in these pieces. So, employing their brand guide, fonts, colours I got busy sourcing and cropping static images, compiling the bilingual voice overs and some toe-tapping music. I wanted music with some bombastic some high and low pass levels, the kinds that could make the constituents tables jitters and be felt on the convention floor.
Speaker Introduction Videos
“Chief Billy Two-Rivers” (2014)
“Daniel Boyer & Danielle Casara” (2014)
“Denis Coderre” (2014)
“Sharan Burrow” (2014)
“Frank Graves” (2014)
“Susan Delacourt” (2014)
“Expert Panel I” (2014)
“Expert Panel II” (2014)
“Expert Panel III” (2014)
“Expert Panel IV” (2014)


Produced by: MediaStyle

Scripted by: Canadian Labour Congress & MediaStyle

Directed, animated and edited by: Benjamin Dickerson

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