“People don’t realize the impact you have,
or at least I didn’t realize the impact
you can have on people
by being yourself.”

Blake Bell

Introduction: Work in Progress

From “Parkinson SuperWalk is the largest nationwide fundraising event for Parkinson Canada. Approximately 10,000 people from coast-to-coast organize and take part in Parkinson SuperWalk.

Parkinson SuperWalk will take place on September 9th and 10th, 2017 in communities throughout Canada. With participation from supporters like you, we raised $2.15 million across Canada in 2016. Since 1990, we have raised more than $35 million for support services, research, advocacy and education.”

A quick side note: The work on this campaign is ongoing, so more pieces will be added throughout the rest of the year.

2016 Print and Digital Collateral

Parkinson Superwalk was already in full throttle when I was first brought on staff at Parkinson Canada, in July of 2016. A partnering agency was handling the digital buys on Facebook, Twitter and through Google. Most of the collateral and products were already made. So, it was my job to come in and work from what was established while trying to make some basic visual and aesthetic enhancements were possible. Helping the program that was already running leverage my capabilities in-house.

These products followed the event programs brand standards and by the examples of the other work produced to date of my initial engagement. However, I could paint with my brushes by producing more content for event day digital outreach and by refining some of the motifs in the 2016 product suites. And in filling the gaps in some of the print, TV and other advertisements yet to be produced leading up to the event date.

That’s what you’re seeing here. The digital collateral has a lot of standard pieces featuring the two main taglines, “everyday heroes, extraordinary hope” and “there is hope in our walk.” After those, I started making some fun event day pieces featuring different hashtag themes and trying to have fun with the events participants and relating to their experiences. It’s a fun day, so it needed some fun pieces.

My personal favourite is the little “#bauss” girl, she says so much in her a direct to camera steel gaze. It’s a knowing gaze, a #Bauss gaze.

Going from 2016 to 2017

Superwalk: Title GFX – Version One (2016)

Superwalk: Title GFX – Version Two (2017)

Superwalk: Title GFX – Version Three (2017)

2017: Tactile, experiential

Starting from the top in 2017, meant I was going to be able to augment the Superwalk theme and the collateral produced. I could update the visual standards and re-focus the static, time-based and experiential set-pieces of Superwalk.

SuperWalk in 2017, is continuing with the “Everyday heroes, extraordinary hope” theme of last year’s campaign. New digital and Print collateral has been developed heavily featuring last years’ National Hero, Blake Bell. The suite of products we’ve developed lean on the same physical aesthetic of printed comics and pulp tropes. The graphic and aesthetic theme is replicated in print, digital and video collateral.

The print work (for the most part) features the person voted last years’ National Hero, Blake Bell. The photo treatment and the Superwalk branded video pieces were colour retimed a little bolder than previous applications. For the photos in the social media posts, posters and postcards Blake’s’ image was retimed higher contrast, blended with some textural paper elements, then treated with ink runs and blots to create the text spaces. Again, to emulate a Superhero theme through a retro pastiche pulp/comic motif. The intention was to move the aesthetic attributes of the Superwalk narrative out from the historic “toon” interpretation of it, into a more contemporary frame. One that appropriates from the senses (i.e. touch and smell) that people may relate back to their experiences with comics. While continuing to impress the Superhero/Superwalk theme with the goal of adding contextual authenticity to it. I felt it was an important piece to add to how we were telling Blake’s story, because through participation it becomes someone else’s’ story.

2017 Print and Digital Collateral

Superwalk runs nationally, so there is a need to create collateral pieces that local organizers could use. So, with a little “form magic” I made English and Bilingual poster pieces with customizable fields in the text spaces. This way each location could have their own promotional items, on brand, easy to print at a low cost and in both colour or black and white layouts.

2017: Customizable Promotional Colateral

Superwalk: 2 Variations – English Posters, tabloid, colour & greyscale (2017)

Superwalk: 5 Variations – Bilingual Posters, letter, colour & greyscale (2017)

Superwalk: Bilingual Donation form, colour (2017)

2017: Videos

Registration for the 2017 Superwalk opened this past April. A re-packaged video profile of 2016 Superwalk National hero, Blake Bell in support of the launch, with updated brand standards and an early implementation of the 2017 visual theming. In addition to the complete profile video, three 30 second clips were also produced, more specifically for the digital ad buy. I also made a Superless Master of the video available for broadcasters and news outlets to direct download and feature in their pieces, as well as a selection of high resolution photos on the Superwalk Media Page.

In addition to the Blake Bell video, a re-packaged video of Dr. Michael Vesia, one of the many Researchers receiving funding for their project from Parkinson Canada.

Link: Superwalk Media page


Superwalk: Blake Bell (Full video, 2017)

Superwalk: Michael Vesia (Full video, 2017)

Superwalk: Blake Bell (0:30 – Clip 1/3, 2017)

Superwalk: Blake Bell (0:30 – Clip 3/3, 2017)

Superwalk: Blake Bell (0:30 – Clip 3/3, 2017)

2017: Aesthetic Standards

Throughout this years’ campaign, we have a focus on studying the audience response and doing more direct engagement. Using the responses and data to help inform a shift in the brand of Superwalk. Here is the 2017 updated base graphical standards for the brand. This is bare bones, because this year is a year of transition and building, much like most of the Parkinson Canada marketing and brand.

Superwalk: 2017 Graphical and Aesthetic Standards