Ontario’s NDP

“You don’t have to choose between bad ethics and bad math.”

Andrea Horwath

Ontario, 2011.

Heading into the fall of 2011 the NDP were coming off a meteoric high, from the historic results of the federal election that saw the NDP move from the fourth place party in Parliament to becoming the Official Opposition for the first time in Canadian history. And the historic low of the loss of a beloved leader, Jack Layton. There were so many challenges laid out ahead of Ontario’s NDP going into the 2011 Provincial Election. Facing a seasoned campaigner in Dalton McGuinty and a rejuvenated Conservative party with a new leader Tim Hudak. And, the first campaign test for ONDP leader Andrea Horwath, a former Hamilton city councillor, elected in a by election that returned the ONDP back to official party status in the Provincial Legislature. Elected leader of the party, replacing long time leader Howard Hampton.

I was hired by the federal party in 2010 to develop a professional video solution inside the communications department of the federal party. The work I had done during the campaign and the 2011 National Policy convention had won me a little bit of credibility. So the Provincial team had asked if I wanted to work for them on this important and potentially landscape changing campaign. The results weren’t landscape alternating, but the ONDP had their best showing in 20 years, winning 20 seats and the balance of power in a minority legislature.

#ONelxn 2011, Videos

“Inspired choice” (2011)

“Choice” (2011)

“Positive Choice”

“Change that puts patients first” (2011)

Ontario NDP 2014 Policy Convention

The Ontario NDP 2014 Policy Convention was held in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, in addition to making assorted video content, I was also asked to produce the Convention slide deck and on-screen art as well as run the slide decks. This was the second ONDP convention I was able to work. The 2012 Convention in Hamilton, I did the same thing in running a slide deck as well as producing some of the content on the screens for that one as well.

What I loved about the creative process for the 2014 Convention was that I was given carte blanche in developing the videos and the screen art. It was a really nice feeling, being trusted and encouraged to have fun. As you’ll see, I re-interpreted the acronym PAC with a visual identity of Pac-Man, appropriating the video game icon in all the associated visual materials.

I was also tasked with producing a Fundraising PAC Volunteer T-Shirt design as well. PAC/Pac-Man shirts… Totally fun.

2014 Policy Convention Videos

Convention 2014: “Welcome” (2014)

Convention 2014: “PAC Donor I” (2014)

Convention 2014: “PAC Donor II” (2014)

2013 Bi-elections & #ONelxn 2014

I was able to contribute to the 2014 election on a project by project basis. Developing some regional and province-wide ads. The Ontario Liberals have a pretty impressive election team. They were in the process of painting their new leader and platform as a viable progressive alternative to the regressive threat of a Tim Hudak lead Conservative Government in Ontario.

The Liberal campaign had started in January, when budget items had been leaked to the press, an early narrative development on their supposed “progressive agenda.” Doing what Liberals historically have done to New Democrats when facing a strong Orange-tide, try to eat into the NDP support by making ‘progressive’ overtures. Some campaigns it works. others not-so-much. This one, it was working like a charm in Toronto.

Bi-Elections & #ONelxn 2014, Videos

“Liberals Facing Accusations of Corruption” (2014)

“The Liberal Record: 10 years of mismanagement” (2014)

“Get out the vote,” PSA (2014)

“Don’t get stuck on the sidelines” (2013)

Kitchener Bi-election: “Andrea Horwath’s NDP vs. Tim Hudak’s Conservatives” (2013)

Oshawa Bi-election: “Andrea Horwath’s NDP vs. Tim Hudak’s Conservatives” (2013)

Using my own music.

This song was used in a couple of different pieces, ONDP ads and then it was selected again for an ad I made for the Manitoba NDP’s 2015 Election Campaign… For that ad, I provided a few different options, the staff at the party ultimately ended up going with the same track. myself and the agency producer were favouring another. But, it worked in both instances just fine.


“Your Parents are Divorced” (2014)

#MBelxn 2015

Related in the Party name only, here is an attack ad I made for the Manitoba NDP’s 2015 Campaign. Got to help shape the creative and do a quick storyboarding for this piece and re-use my own music again.

#MBexln 2015 Ad.


“Pallister’s just not worth the risk.” (2015)