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Tom Mulcair: leadership + experience (0:30 Ad)

The English version of the ad… The NDP’s 2013 Policy Convention in Montréal featured a virtual town hall with Thomas Mulcair. Opening that event was a 10 minute long explainer documentary about Tom, featuring family, friends and other people from his past speaking about him, his passion, leadership and experiences. The goal of the documentary […]

Over & Over

The theme in all of these pieces are the fragmentation, reinterpretation and reconstruction. Over and Over is not only the noisiest piece of the trio. Over and over refers not only the line repeated by LaBeouf but to the editing methods, both for the audio and the video. Shifting frames out of sequences and then […]


Leadership2012 was attended by nearly 5500 people in Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre, where for the first time in the Party’s history an new leader of the Official Opposition was being elected. This ad was made after convention registrations surpassed the attendance thresholds for the original planned venue and the Convention was moved to the MTCC. […]


sRGB differentiates from RGB by the consistent application of gamma. The ’s’ in ‘sRGB’ stands for ‘standard.’ with that in mind, the piece repeats “Red, Green, Blue” rhythmically throughout as a menaced frame imposed over the other varied existential crisis LaBeouf expresses. In a whimsical interpretation of technology negating identity through its standardization. Or in […]

Superwalk: 2017, Videos

Registration for the 2017 Superwalk opened this past April. A re-packaged video profile of 2016 Superwalk National hero, Blake Bell in support of the launch, with updated brand standards and an early implementation of the 2017 visual theming. I also output a Superless Master of the video available for broadcasters and news outlets to direct […]

Convictions + leadership : 2015

The 2013 NDP Policy Convention was held in Montréal. A showcase about the NDP’s history and growth was structured about the party’s successes in Québec. Five videos were made outlining the NDP’s history in the province. The 2015 piece was a forward look at the hard work and inspiration needed to be successful in the […]

Ω (ohm)

The longest of the three pieces I made from the #INTRODUCTIONS footage. This one places more priority on the audio treatment to determine the aesthetics. For the postproduction process on this, I started a new line for each new layer in which LaBeouf chanted “ohm.” In the audio mix I affected varied layers and created […]

Corbyns & Sanders & Mulcairs!
Oh My!

The political circles I used to travel in tends to romanticize learnings from other Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist Campaigns from around the world. And, for good reason, there are learnings within them that absolutely benefit them in building the next campaign. From my time within the partisan political realm I noticed that the application of the […]

Superwalk: 2016 to 2017, Aesthetic evolution

The Superwalk work (for the most part) features the person voted last years’ National Hero, Blake Bell. The image treatments and the Superwalk branded video pieces were colour retimed a little bolder than previous applications. For the photos in the social media posts, posters and postcards Blake’s’ image was retimed higher contrast, blended with some […]

Dr. Ariel Levy (2017)

Video Dr. Ariel Levy (2017) From “People with Parkinson’s disease who have been taking the main drug treatment prescribed to relieve their symptoms often experience a roller coaster ride in terms of the way their body responds. Levodopa-carbidopa, the medication used to relieve the tremors, shuffling and stiffness of Parkinson’s disease, compensates for drops […]