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Stephen Harper’s Solution

This piece was the Mulcair NDP Opposition salvo taking aim at the Harper Conservatives. A clear show of strength and a willingness to go directly at the Conservatives as hard as they were prepared to go after their opponents. Only ours was better 🙂 This was a shift in the management culture within the OLO, […]

Prime Minister

Another piece is from a candid interview I got to shoot with Jack in December of 2010… If anything should help us realize what to be grateful for about his leadership… It is Jack’s perspective on what a Prime Minister can be. “Prime Minister” (2013)  

For Beatrice

This piece is from a candid interview I got to shoot with Jack in December of 2010. This particular clip is one of my favourites because it showcases Jack’s purpose and passion. As well as making it abundantly clear how much optimism he had for a better future. “For Beatrice” (2013)  

NDP: Affordable Childcare (Ad Edit)

A 0:30 ad edit of the Affordable Childcare policy announcement from the fall of 2014. This edit was never used, instead in 2015 a new video was made that featured Tom clearly reading from a teleprompter and his complexion bright red. Not sure why this piece was shelved, but it was. “NDP: Affordable Childcare (0:30 […]

Music from Lindsay the Alchemist

Music from Lindsay the Alchemist P O M O P H O B E Music from Lindsay the Alchemist Musical compositions from the short film “Lindsay the Alchemist” (2006). “Opening Credits Suite” and “End Credits Suite” written, produced and performed by Museum (Pat C & Brendan K) See more about “Lindsay the Alchemist” Lindsay (Pip […]

Music from Headspace

Music from Headspace P O M O P H O B E Music from Headspace Musical compositions from the video serial “Headspace” (2005). Watch “Headspace” Video Serial Headspace is a serial of experimental shorts, each episode is narrated in the first person with a deliberate imbalance in the relationships between audio and visual. The stories […]

Over & Over

The theme in all of these pieces are the fragmentation, reinterpretation and reconstruction. Over and Over is not only the noisiest piece of the trio. Over and over refers not only the line repeated by LaBeouf but to the editing methods, both for the audio and the video. Shifting frames out of sequences and then […]

Mixtape: MMXVI – V

V (Five) MMXVI Fig. “V. This mixtape elicits a specific kind of visceral product opportunity and/or mental image… “Donald Trumps’ Squeezed Penis BBQ sauce.” Boom… “There you go, that’s this mixtape. The kind of songs you can see Scott Bao crying uncontrollably while dancing in his 1/4 filled bathtub in. “Ankle deep, lubing up his […]

Vol. IV

Volume Four P O M O P H O B E Vol. IV Collected musical compositions from 2008 through 2016.


Leadership2012 was attended by nearly 5500 people in Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre, where for the first time in the Party’s history an new leader of the Official Opposition was being elected. This ad was made after convention registrations surpassed the attendance thresholds for the original planned venue and the Convention was moved to the MTCC. […]