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CKX / Hidden Harvest Ottawa

This video tells the story of how Ottawa’s Hidden Harvest harnesses the power of community knowledge by accessing open data from the City of Ottawa to plot the location of more 4000 of the city’s food-bearing trees and then using that information to plan their harvests, which deliver fresh local food that may otherwise to […]


A pleasant little sizzle reel of select works up to 2016, or MMXVI if we’re using Roman numerals 😉 Music: “Louretta” by Agnes Obel. “MMXVI” (2016)  

“The Lovers” (Live from Rehearsal) by Nine Inch Nails

A beautifully shot and edited video of nine inch nails performing their song “The Lovers” at rehearsals from this past July. The track “The Lovers” is from the recent EP “Add Violence,” buy it here. The physical component is very cool and is very much within the historic Nine Inch Nails album art cannon. Which […]

Olivia Chow: My Journey

A promo video I got to make in support of Olivia Chow ‘s autobiography “My Journey,” published by HarperCollins Canada in 2014. The creative on it was deliberately mirrored from the “I am the Layton Legacy” videos from the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention Tribute Showcase to Jack Layton, because one of the things I felt […]

Convictions + leadership : 2013

For the NDP’s 2013 Montréal policy convention, this piece was intended as a present day look at the Party’s Québec MP’s, two years after the 2011 Election. Montréal2013: “Convictions + leadership : 2013” (2013)  

Things Worth Knowing

Short film I was DoP on that we shot in 16mm, back in 2006. “Things Worth Knowing” (2006)   Credits Written/Edited/Directed by Felix Chan Tabitha Orchard Jean Calvert (R.I.P. 1919 – 2012) Tessa Orchard Brynne Kennedy Narrator John Shipman Director of Photography Benjamin Dickerson Gaffer and Key Grip Jeff Bai Camera Assistant Gerald Grisson Music […]

I am the Layton Legacy:
Nation Builder

Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Danny Williams, David Miller and more share their admiration for Jack Layton. “I am the Layton Legacy” was the showcase tribute to Jack Layton made for the 2012 #NDPldr Convention held in Toronto, Ontario ‘s Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 23rd & 24th. The convention attracted record numbers of delegates, […]

Who & What is WOW?

Maybe you’ve been seeing some ads from WOW, but have you started to dig into who they are? Here is they’re site… But, there isn’t a whole lot of content about their history or even about transparency about themselves. Like, Who runs the org? Do they have Board of Directors? Who are they’re key […]

Convictions + leadership : 2011

2011 is a year that history will recall as one of the most turbulent in Canadian political history. Starting from the Michael Ignatieff lead Opposition Liberals, the Giles Duceppe lead Bloc Québécois and Jack Layton New Democrats defeating the minority governing Stephen Harper lead Conservative Party taking us into another Federal election. Then of course […]

I am the Layton Legacy:
Equality & Justice

I love the music and the pace of this piece. I also love how we approached this one. Everyday Canadians across the country sharing their memories, pride and affection for Jack. “I am the Layton Legacy” was the showcase tribute to Jack Layton made for the 2012 #NDPldr Convention held in Toronto, Ontario ‘s Metro […]