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Who & What is WOW?

Maybe you’ve been seeing some ads from WOW, but have you started to dig into who they are? Here is they’re site… But, there isn’t a whole lot of content about their history or even about transparency about themselves. Like, Who runs the org? Do they have Board of Directors? Who are they’re key […]

Corbyns & Sanders & Mulcairs!
Oh My!

The political circles I used to travel in tends to romanticize learnings from other Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist Campaigns from around the world. And, for good reason, there are learnings within them that absolutely benefit them in building the next campaign. From my time within the partisan political realm I noticed that the application of the […]

Re: Appropriation (again)

Following up my last post Appropriation vs. Misrepresentation.   I wanted to dig in a little further about appropriation relating to colonialism and specifically about First Nations relationship Colonialist Appropriation of Indigenous Cultures.   Indigenous Canadians have been subject to misappropriation and misrepresentation for generations. It’s a symptom of colonialisms slow genocide of the Indigenous […]

Re: Appropriation vs. Misrepresentation

First, go read this: “To the new culture cops, everything is appropriation.”     The writer is generalizing about “appropriation”. They’ve limited how they’re exploring and attempting to explain the concept by looking at examples of good and bad “types” of appropriation, through an exceptionally pedestrian reading of art history.   “Appropriation” is not the […]

We need to talk about Thomas

People are talking about the NDP’s Leadership Review, what’s missing? We’ve heard a lot of talk and read a lot of things about the upcoming Confidence Vote on Tom Mulcair’s Leadership of Canada’s New Democrats. There has been a lot of reading into what the NDP’s Caucus and regional membership have said and what their […]

Canada’s #NDP & #Elxn42

​Since the campaign is now over… Some unsolicited options on what I thought was missing from the NDP’s marketing. A lack of Soul The ads were over-written and tried to infuse that “I’m just like you” messaging, which deadens personification. Actively drawing parallels between politician and electorate in the first person cheapens policy message. Let […]