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Tom Mulcair: leadership + experience (0:30 Ad)

The English version of the ad… The NDP’s 2013 Policy Convention in Montréal featured a virtual town hall with Thomas Mulcair. Opening that event was a 10 minute long explainer documentary about Tom, featuring family, friends and other people from his past speaking about him, his passion, leadership and experiences. The goal of the documentary […]

Music from Headspace

Music from Headspace P O M O P H O B E Music from Headspace Musical compositions from the video serial “Headspace” (2005). Watch “Headspace” Video Serial Headspace is a serial of experimental shorts, each episode is narrated in the first person with a deliberate imbalance in the relationships between audio and visual. The stories […]

Nine Inch Nails – “This isn’t the Place”

More new Nine Inch Nails music… Haunting ballad, and so far 2 of the 5 new tracks on the upcoming “Add Violence” EP are stunning. Go buy “Add Violence” here, now. Here’s the previous post on the video for “Less Than.” “This isn’t the Place” by Nine Inch Nails (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

“Blade Runner 2049” Trailer (2017) A new full trailer for Blade Runner 2049 just hit… The music is so good, I want the soundtrack now, like right now. Please for the love of awesome synthy goodness… Let me have the soundtrack now. And of course, Roger Deakins Cinematography is magical, the comp work is gorgeous. […]

Over & Over

The theme in all of these pieces are the fragmentation, reinterpretation and reconstruction. Over and Over is not only the noisiest piece of the trio. Over and over refers not only the line repeated by LaBeouf but to the editing methods, both for the audio and the video. Shifting frames out of sequences and then […]

Mixtape: MMXVI – V

V (Five) MMXVI Fig. “V. This mixtape elicits a specific kind of visceral product opportunity and/or mental image… “Donald Trumps’ Squeezed Penis BBQ sauce.” Boom… “There you go, that’s this mixtape. The kind of songs you can see Scott Bao crying uncontrollably while dancing in his 1/4 filled bathtub in. “Ankle deep, lubing up his […]

Nine Inch Nails – “Less Than”

New song and new video by Nine Inch Nails. At first viewing the video looks like it has a slew little visual easter-eggs. The first that comes to mind is a lyric in the song “Smaller and Smaller” from 2005’s With Teeth album. You know I still got my one good arm That, that I […]

Vol. IV

Volume Four P O M O P H O B E Vol. IV Collected musical compositions from 2008 through 2016.


Leadership2012 was attended by nearly 5500 people in Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre, where for the first time in the Party’s history an new leader of the Official Opposition was being elected. This ad was made after convention registrations surpassed the attendance thresholds for the original planned venue and the Convention was moved to the MTCC. […]

Mixtape: MMXVI – IV

IV (Four) MMXVI Fig. IV. The following has been designed to provoke individuals to “Rock out with their respective genitalia out.” Feel free to grab on to your stuff and squeeze real tight throughout the entirety of this mixtape. 1. Introduction 2.”Let’s talk some Shit” by Louis CK 3. Thesis 4.”Come See the Duck” by […]