Benjamin Dickerson

Curriculum Vitae

“Benjamin Dickerson, MMXVI” (2016)

“The presence of the original is the prerequisite to the concept of authenticity.”

Walter Benjamin

I am Benjamin Dickerson, a multidisciplinary creative professional that has specialized in time-based media, digital product creation, distribution and strategy. Built on a unique combination of creativity & technical skills. Apply where needed to tell compelling stories that inspire action.

I have considerable production/post-production skills in video, film, audio and photography, developed from a background in print and digital design. Most of my recent experience is in strategic communications, digital public relations and capacity building. I have been the core creative behind several national, international and local campaigns, promoting everything from Public Policy, Fundraising, Donor Stewardship, Conservation, Democratic Reform and even Cooking and Travel recommendations. I am looking to apply “me” into creating quality, consistent and challenging work.

My goals, I want to engage, inform and inspire. My own standards are high (as most of ours are) and I have tendency to get giddy about the possibilities in developing projects.
I am someone that seeks to grow and expand in my storytelling capabilities and the methods in which we can create and share these stories.

Inspired and passionate storytelling.

Core experience.

Parkinson Canada
(Current) 2016 – Donor Stewardship & Fundraising Communications.

Parkinson Canada is the result of the amalgamation of a majority of federation member organizations formerly unified within the “Parkinson Society of Canada.” One of the projects in re-balancing Parkinson Canada post-amalgamation was to audit the communications and marketing relative to donor stewardship and fundraising. The position was created and I was brought on to fill it. My main task has been to re-scope the voice that Parkinson Canada speaks to donors in through visual and written languages. Then, to begin the process of making that voice more consistent and inline with the both fundraising and organizational objectives.

Contact: Melissa Adamson, HR Manager / Mirrium Kerr, HR Coordinator
(Current) 2014/16 – Sole proprietorship.

Film, video, audio, design, photography production and post-production. I also have done a lot of print and digital design, content strategy and other audio/visual support for live events, presentations. This is my sole-proprietorship and I worked primarily out of my home studio. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and enabling content creation for all sorts corporate clients, public services, policy think tanks, individual politicians, political parties and NPO’s.

OCAD University
2015/16 – Studio Management, Integrated Media Studio Technician.

My role here, is as the Integrated Media (INTM, for short) studio technician specializing in Product technology. What that entails is… Managing the student staff and class assistants for the Integrated Media Department, the product facilities and equipment. I train faculty on current production technology and develop working solutions for their tutorial sections in production, postproduction and presentation tech. Plus, I teach the INTM students how to use different production methods and gear, presentations set up and workflow pipeline methodologies.

Integrated media is a program dedicated to the study of Time Based Media as an art form, that encompasses video, film, audio, production and postproduction. In addition to digital or online artwork, interactive, kinetic, electronic time-based installation work, as well as performance art.

Contact: Nicky Davis, Director of HR / Connie Arezes-Reis, Assistant Director of HR

2013/14 – Creative Director

Basically, all of the same things I listed in my Sole-proprietorship description… But, with the support of additional creatives and project managers… So, Film, video, audio, design, photography production and post-production. A lot of print and digital design, content strategy and other audio/visual support for live events, presentations. Working with and enabling content creation for all sorts corporate clients, public services, policy think tanks, individual politicians, political parties and NPO’s. But, again with a small team in a boutique agency environment in downtown Ottawa.

Contact: Caitlin Kealey, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Parliament of Canada / Canada’s New Democrats
2010/13 – Communications Officer

This position originally started in the Federal NDP’s downtown Ottawa HQ. I was brought into a small but efficient communications team in late 2010. My role was develop a professional, responsive video and multimedia solution within Jack Layton’s Communications team. I primarily did video and audio production and postproduction. I was also used to create and operate presentation supports and collaborate in developing AV solutions for live events. After the 2011 Election my position was moved into the Caucus services branch of the Officer of the Leader of her Majesty’s Loyal Official Opposition (say that 5 times fast)! Where the work was primarily the same, but with the addition of the job being about broader support for the Official Opposition Members of Parliament.

Contact: George Jennings, (former) Director of Communications

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek

Previous experience.

2010: MJM Media

Editor, “Foodies” (CanwestGlobal), various commercial & documentary projects.

2008 – 2010: Carbon Sound & Picture

Professional Video Sales & Support.

2009: “Point of light” – Vimeo / iMDB

Story editor, co-writer & associate producer.

2009: Centennial College

Video instructor, digital media & video.

2006 – 2007: Sharkwater

First assisting editor, title designer, online promotion & ad editing.
iTunes Store

2007: “Woman abuse affects our children”


Editor & animation, sound.

2007: “Travel Guy”

Editor & Creative director.

2006: OCAD University

Integrated media teaching assistant.

2006 – “Lindsay the Alchemist”

Writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor & music composer.

2004 – “OCADidol”

Producer, director, editor & composer. An improvised live broadcast TV installation.

2003 – 2005 – Trader publications

Print/layout artist.

2000 – Integrated Communications & Entertainment (ICE) – iMDB

Live events, multimedia, print & web production assistant. ICE closed it’s doors permanently some time ago,
I included their iMDB page, because that’s the only online pressence it really has left.
It was a thriving company in 2000 and 2001, but then suffered from the “dot-com” fallout. 🙂

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional.”

Hunter S. Thompson

Education, Awards & Acknowledgements.


OCAD University
2006 – BFA, Fine Art — Integrated Media program

Video/Film/Audio Production and Post-Production, Photography, Digital/Online, Print and Motion Graphics, Performance and Electronics.

About Integrated Media

Awards & Acknowledgements

2013/15 – “The power of community knowledge”

Co-Produced by MediaStyle & CKX (A division of Community Foundations of Canada)
Cinematography, Direction & Audio & Video Editing by Benjamin Dickerson

Food for Real Festival, 2015, short program, Liverpool, UK.

2011 — Jack Layton’s State Funeral, Video Eulogy

As mentioned in Olivia Chow’s “My Journey,” Page 282

View film and story

2011 — “You have a choice” Freetime/Online Election Ad

2006/07 – “Lindsay the Alchemist”

Distributed by Ouat Media.
20th Annual Images Festival, Toronto. 2007
Calgary Fringe Festival, Best Canadian Mid-Length Drama.
William F. Whites Award.
Trinity Square Video Award.
Exclusive Lab Award

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