Superwalk: "Thank you"
A couple months after SuperWalk wraps up and all the donations and pledges have been counted, a bouquet of french and english stewardship products are created. The collateral goes out to donors and participants via mail& email. Then posted and shared on SuperWalk social media channels. In this instance, the 2017 English suite of mail/print products were completed, just before the complete final tally. So the cumulative total to date was used in the first batch of English print materials. The actual final totals are listed on the French language pieces and the English video.
"Thank you" Video

Production, direction, videography, editing and animation.

The photography featured on the english pieces were taken by Jenna Wakani. She’s such a superstar, one of the absolute greats. The photography on the French language pieces were submitted by the Parkinson Canada Ottawa office and were taken by participants of their regional SuperWalk event. I wish I credit the photographers by name.

"Thank you" Design