Parkinson Canada, 2017:
Year End Giving Campaign

National Philanthropy Day - Phase I
Year End Giving Campaign Launch Creative

Similar to the 2016 Year End Giving Campaign, the content creative was built out through specific phases to roll out on specific drop dates.

We were also able to apply our learnings through the audience response to the previous years campaign creative, as well as the data from the 2017 SuperWalk digital campaign. With the exception of the Phase III eCards, which was developed through the findings on a database study that revealed the potential to expand tribute giving tools online.

Dissimilar to the 2016 Campaign, the budget for the media spend was half of the year prior, so the focus was to optimize the creative quality and limit the channels for the ads to go out.

We launched the campaign creative on November 15th, 2017, National Philanthropy day. 

2017 End of Year Campaign: Phase I
National Philanthropy Day was the Campaign launch, featuring constituent (Jackie Landry) story and campaign theme and general creative.
Video editing, animation, motion graphics. Digital design and art direction.

#GivingTuesday – Phase II
Lena Barretto's story

One of my favourite videos to make from my entire time at Parkinson Canada. Lena’s daughter Joyce, her grand daughter Kate and her caregiver Laura were all very giving with their time and gracious with their thoughts and feelings. After the video launched, they sent a letter thanking us for helping tell their story. It was exceptionally sweet and an entirely new experience. Loved working on this piece and sharing it.

To no surprise to me, her story was the most successful in the campaign. It had the best response, engagement and raised the most money.

2017 End of Year Campaign: Phase II
#GivingTuesday's creative, featuring constituent (Lena, Joyce & Kate Barretto and Lena's Caregiver Laura) and adjacent Giving Tuesday campaign creative.
Direction, videography, editing, animation and motion graphics. Digital design, photography and art direction.
Superless Master version, edited without title graphics or musical score and distributed to press for their editorial use.
Three different thirty second ad edits of Lena Barretto's story.

eCards – Phase III
Tribute Giving.

Expanding tribute giving was part of our agency partners original proposal for this campaign. This module had a few significant challenges, starting with it being a late addition creative suite, meant the turnaround was a much shorter window for both the artwork and copy. The creative also had to launch at a time when our audience was still digging Lena’s story. And this phase also didn’t have a direct connection to that creative, so it felt sort of disconnected from the overall story the Campaign’s had started telling.

The main artwork features paintings and photography by Canadians diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My original pitch was to centre this phase on showing the artwork and telling a bit more of their story. We added a sweet of general seasonal greetings to broaden the appeal of the suite of eCards. 

2017 End of Year Campaign: Phase III
Phase III was a bouquet different eCards.
Video editing, animation, motion graphics. Digital design and art direction.

Joyce Gordon – Phase IV
A 'Thank you' with purpose.

This video is another favourite. It allowed me to finally stretch my post muscles in incorporating some higher quality BRoll that I got to shoot during an October trip to interview Parkinson Canada funded researchers in Calgary and Vancouver. I also go to leverage some of the 2017 SuperWalk materials shot at both the Toronto walks and some footage acquired from the Muhtadi 24 Hour Drum-a-thon earlier that month. Then tie all of it together with an interview of Parkinson Canada CEO, Joyce Gordon.

The intention of course was to tell donors how important they are to the present day Parkinson Canada, as well as the future.

2017 End of Year Campaign: Phase IV
Mid-December, "Home for the Holidays" creative featuring Parkinson Canada funded researchers and CEO Joyce Gordon.
Direction, videography, editing, animation and motion graphics. Digital design, photography and art direction.

Tax deadline – Phase V
Tax return deadline appeals.

This module is the last push before the Midnight, December 31st cut-off for donors to make that last gift for 2017, to be claimed in the Tax Return.

The creative for this module didn’t feature a video, but that’s because the message is so deadline oriented. So the creative is like a visual summary and a reminder about the deadline.

This was a chance to show off some of the great photography from SuperWalk by Jenna Wakani. And photos I took from labs, interviews, events in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. 

2017 End of Year Campaign: Phase V
Digital design, photography and art direction. Additional photography by Jenna Wakani.
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