Convictions + leadership : 2011

2011 is a year that history will recall as one of the most turbulent in Canadian political history. Starting from the Michael Ignatieff lead Opposition Liberals, the Giles Duceppe lead Bloc Québécois and Jack Layton New Democrats defeating the minority governing Stephen Harper lead Conservative Party taking us into another Federal election.

Then of course the story of that election being both the Harper Conservative majority, the Layton NDP Official Opposition the fall of theLiberals, leading them into another Leadership contest.

For both Conservatives and the NDP, 2011’s election will always be uniquely historic and a positive memory for all involved.

Then of course, we all lost Jack. The air left every room.

For New Democrats across the country, our historic rise was met with an unfathomable loss. The only thing that we were all faced with was to put ourselves back together as quickly as we could to face the challenges that were in front of us.

So in 2013, 18 months after we lost Jack, we wanted to address that Elephant in the room as well, so I did my best in attempting to emulate the sudden impact his loss had. How staff and supporters across the country were forced into this new reality, of an NDP without Jack. The video builds all of that momentum and excitement and the room began to swell with adulation, until that “smash-cut” and music change to photo from the Jack’s State Funeral. The room went silent immediately. Which may seem slightly mean, but it was in service to the next speaker, Chantal Vallerand, as she discussed the integrity, strength and kindness that New Democrats showed in the year following Jacks’ passing.

Montréal2013: “Convictions + leadership : 2011” (2013)