Lindsay the Alchemist

Synopsis: Lindsay (Pip Dwyer) is a twenty to thirty-something locked in a basement with nothing to accompany her aside from the bare essentials for survival and a Video Camera for a companion. Lindsay has done this because she is changing into something. She has little information as to what she is becoming, though she believes the outcome present a threat to the general public. Lindsay’s camera becomes the outlet for nearly all her thoughts and revelations through her time locked up.

Lindsay was developed through a combination of medical, theoretical and heuristic research. With a lot of attention placed on the character and themes of isolation. The medical research was organized around symptoms of mental illness, such as Schizophrenia, Depression and Bi-Polar Disorder, however for the sake of consistency, I’ll only focus on symptoms of Schizophrenia (though some are shared between each illness) as it relates to character and story development.

“Lindsay the Alchemist” (2006)