I am the Layton Legacy:
A Progressive Canada

The 1st video from the tribute showcase, one that outlines the momentum, the charisma and Jack’s shared vision of Canada where no one is left behind.

“I am the Layton Legacy” was the showcase tribute to Jack Layton made for the 2012 #NDPldr Convention held in Toronto, Ontario ‘s Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 23rd & 24th. The convention attracted record numbers of delegates, media and volunteers. What was created on the convention floor was an immersive space composed of various memories of Jack as written in chalk across Nathan Phillips Square on the day of his passing.

This piece exhibits my obsession with breathing life into individual, human moments. I got to share a perspective on Jack, in the way we remember him. Attempting to illustrate the nonverbal language articulated by instances in movement. I wanted to personify the way he invited you into a conversation be it with a gesture, a lean into a podium or his smile. The footage selection was based on both the dialogue itself and how Jack was active in the frame.

We applied the Ken Burns treatments to photos, only in our case we updated the method bringing it into our century. Separating layers and using basic cinematic camera language we created subtle movements and added particle effects, lighting streaks and flares to enhance the environments of the photos in a non-invasive and organic way. We then integrated them with interviews. My role concentrated primarily on post-production management and editing.

I am very proud of this particular showcase and I consider myself fortunate to have collaborated with other very talented individuals. The end result is something I haven’t yet completely digested. It was extremely fulfilling to be able to communicate the respect and admiration supporters have for Layton. As Brian Mulroney articulated in his interview in the piece itself, Layton was “someone who turned out to be a great man.”

“The Layton Legacy: Progressive Canada” (2012)