A fun and bad ass little piece highlighting the misdeeds to date and threat of another Stephen Harper lead Conservative Government.

Now that the dust has settled, it’s now two years passed the October 19th, 2015 Election…. #StopHarper did happen… But, things are not at all different under the #SunnyWays of the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government. You can basically take most of these same issues, scandals and negligence, you know the “#RealPriorities”. Then “#RealChange” Harper’s name for Trudeau’s, the Liberals for the Conservatives and it’s the same thing… In fact, it’s like Mr. Trudeau has been cast in the role of “Canadian Prime Minister” and he developed his character as a “Millennial” friendly Stephen Harper that is also a pathological liar and narcissist.

Made for and produced by Kathleen Monk

“#StopHarper” (2014)