CIIP / PCII: Newcomer Success

“We are a pre-arrival service that provides an orientation to Canada to economic class immigrants before they land in Canada. We help newcomers gain employment that reflects their skills, credentials and experience so they can be part of the Canadian economy and society soon after their arrival.

Launched in 2007, CIIP is managed by Colleges and Institutes Canada and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.”


This video was a single afternoon shoot, three point light kit, background kit and two DSLR’s stacked with different lenses shooting a medium “talking head” portrait and a close-up to make the editing easier. The photo animation cut ins were a special build for this piece. One I had intended on re-using in future pieces, but haven’t yet. May not now either 🙂

“CIIP / PCII: Newcomer Success” (2013)