Guy Caron
NDP Leadership Campaign

Two out of three ain't bad.
A pun, all three videos are great.

In “Our Guy”, Guy narrates us through his origins from University activist and community leader to the 2-term MP that is helping define the voice of the New Democratic Party from coast to coast to coast.

The copy I had drafted for this went too far outside the existing voice of the campaign. My original draft was marked up with questions and notes, all asking questions about what might be right and what I thought might be useful. Reflecting my uncertainty about the tone of it. I do however like what I wrote in it, and perhaps some of it will find it way into something else down the road, but it was useless for this piece at the time. And the team was wonderfully patient in taking the time to even consider it.

In a revisionist haze I didn’t want to lose the ‘look back’ piece about where Guy has come from. It was better placed after the introduction, after the handshake. You know, now that you’ve met him and know a little bit more, let’s flesh out his backstory, but focus on connecting his backstory, to his values and his thoughts on leadership. How he himself wants to connect people that share the same values and are all motivated to affect change, but also how to best enable them to work confidently, inclusively and optimistically together. Which is something that not just members, but voters, supporters and donors need to hear.

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