Stephen Harper’s Solution

This piece was the Mulcair NDP Opposition salvo taking aim at the Harper Conservatives. A clear show of strength and a willingness to go directly at the Conservatives as hard as they were prepared to go after their opponents. Only ours was better 🙂

This was a shift in the management culture within the OLO, the first piece produced after the post-2012 Leadership transition. And was the first indication to me that the Management culture was headed in a different direction that I was comfortable following. I myself stayed for another eight months after the “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario started forming.

The next ad that was made was a piece called “Lying liars” and the flawed creative process that had started on that piece was massively exacerbated through that one.

But if I were making a diagnosis, this is where a culture of micromanagement within the OLO and party started to take form. Which was disheartening given the intellectual wealth and talent within the party.

“NDP: Stephen Harper’s Solution” (2012)