Guy Caron
NDP Leadership Campaign

The leadership showcase opener.
A nice handshake.

“Who is this Guy?” is a snapshot of Guy Caron as person and the values that drive his actions.

The email and page copy for this one was unique. It was a little outside the campaign’s tone. But, matched the tone of the video. The team did a solid pass on the edits and reigned it in to match the campaign tone, while preserving the intention of the tonal shift.

Guy’s NDP leadership debate performances had a couple of key moments that triggered my re-thinking. Specifically, one in which acknowledged that he wasn’t the most well known candidate, and early on kept hearing “Who is that Guy?” So, I followed that thought. And it became the first piece, which I felt served as a much better handshake than the history piece that I had proposed open the showcase.

"Who is that Guy?" / « Qui est ce Guy? »

Production, direction, writing, videography, editing and animation.

The email, posts and ads.

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