“People don’t realize the impact you have, or at least I didn’t realize the impact you can have on people by being yourself.”
- Blake Bell

A real humid August afternoon, the cicadas are bellowing from the trees surrounding the Bell residence in Toronto’s East end. Filling the frame of the front door is Blake Bell, a tall kind of fellow dressed in an optimistic warm orange and white plaid shirt, his big blue eyes smiling a smile that matches the warmth of that shirt. Blake immediately invites myself and my colleague Ronen in and asks if we need anything and offers us some water, before even getting a full response he’s pulling the glasses down from the wood finished cupboard above the kitchen sink.

I don’t think that smile of his has even tried to leave his face from the moment he opened the door.

Parkinson Canada, version two:
Blake Bell
Blake, is a tall and unassuming kind of fellow. His eyes are big and match the timber of his smiles as they draw across his face. You can read his warmth and affinity for people as clear as a sunny day. When he’s speaking with you, he is engaged and respectful. He has a natural admiration for people that is absolutely reflexive. It’s just in his nature to be an inclusive person. And that’s a rare gift in people. His strength in not only fighting Parkinson’s but in how he is ready to share his personal experiences with it or information about the disease itself, is an accomplishment built by his own self-determination. But, he won’t credit himself, he wants to tell you about all of the others that have motivated and inspired him along the way before he even gets to him. He extolls about his wife, her commitment and leadership, her dedication and support. His sons and siblings, their love and support. His colleagues who are as equally inspired by him as he is by their generosity and respect. His friends in boxing, also living with Parkinson’s and how they have created more than just a community or a support group, but a family. Blake Bell’s interview was the first I got to shoot for Parkinson Canada in August of 2016. Blake was nominated and named the inaugural Parkinson SuperWalk National Hero.
“I don’t really see myself that way, I don’t think of myself like that,”
Blake says about the nominations and being named the Parkinson Superwalk National Hero for 2016.
“I want people to…Treat people like I treat them. That’s all I want.”
Superwalk 2017: Print & Digital Imaging
Superwalk 2017: Blake Bell
Superwalk 2017: Ad versions
Parkinson Canada, version one:
Blake Bell
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