Progress & Leadership: The New Party

“Progress & Leadership: The New Party” (2011)


The NDP’s National Policy Convention was hot on the heels of the 2011 Election Campaign. Hosted in Vancouver’s gorgeous convention centre the convention was aptly named “VanCon 2011.” There were a few key pieces that I had to make… Specifically for the “50th Anniversary Showcase” programmed for the Friday evening of the Showcase. We wanted to do a video retrospective of the NDP’s leaders for the videos to be played in between the showcase speakers, of which included “Prairie Giant” star Michael Therriault re-enacting Tommy Douglas’s leadership victory speech from the NDP’s founding convention.

This being my first convention, I took away some learnings.

Lesson one:
Always have video content formatted for TV Broadcast to both feed to the truck and for use after the event.

Lesson two:
Always make convention videos “for the room.” I got lucky, people began cheering the facts as they appeared on screen and it worked. Something I repeated for the 2012 Leadership, 2013 Montreal and 2012 & 2014 ONDP Conventions and the 2014 CLC Convention.

Lesson three:
Give the music enough space to breath in the room, because it makes an impact with the audience.