Thomas Mulcair : leadership + éxperience ( 0:30 publicité )

The NDP’s 2013 Policy Convention in Montréal featured a virtual town hall with Thomas Mulcair. Opening that event was a 10 minute long explainer documentary about Tom, featuring family, friends and other people from his past speaking about him, his passion, leadership and experiences. The goal of the documentary was to “explain” who Tom is.

After the 2013 Convention I was able to edit a French and English ad together using the interviews and some footage from Tom’s keynote convention speech.

Here is the English version of the ad.

From the french and english versions of the ads from this period leading into the NDP’s 2015 campaign you can see a clear shift in the speeches and specifically the language in Tom’s speeches. That shift also appeared in the NDP’s 2015 Campaign ads. Tom was self-referential in at the 2015 ads, spoke less and less to the voters and electorate. Instead explaining himself to them, or more specifically… At them.

“Thomas Mulcair : leadership + éxperience ( 0:30 publicité )” (2013)