Superwalk: 2017, Videos

Registration for the 2017 Superwalk opened this past April. A re-packaged video profile of 2016 Superwalk National hero, Blake Bell in support of the launch, with updated brand standards and an early implementation of the 2017 visual theming. I also output a Superless Master of the video available for broadcasters and news outlets to direct download and feature in their pieces, as well as a selection of high resolution photos on the Superwalk Media Page.
In addition to the Blake Bell video, a re-packaged video of Dr. Michael Vesia, one of the many Researchers receiving funding for their project from Parkinson Canada.

Full Videos

Superwalk: Blake Bell (Full video, 2017)

Superwalk: Michael Vesia (Full video, 2017)

Shorter Videos

In addition to the complete profile video, three 30 second clips were also produced, more specifically for the digital ad buy.

Superwalk: Blake Bell (0:30 – Clip 1/3, 2017)

Superwalk: Blake Bell (0:30 – Clip 2/3, 2017)

Superwalk: Blake Bell (0:30 – Clip 3/3, 2017)