Mixtape: MMXVI – III

III (Three)

Fig. III.

This mix tapes side effects include:

  • An immediate desire to consensually rub your pelvis on fresh drywall.
  • Nocturnal emissions.
  • Sloppy Joe like ejaculate.

Use at your own risk.

1. Introduction
2. “Buddy” by Black Dice
3. “Prelude to Paradise” by Aldo Nova
4. Opening
5. “Keep the Streets Empty for Me” by Fever Ray
6. “Fuck with Myself” by BANKS
7. “Howling (Âme Mix)” by Howling
8. “Some Velvet Morning” by Primal Scream (featuring Kate Moss)
9. “MovieDisco” by Felix da Housecat
10. “Surrender” by The Presets
11. “Copy of A” by Nine Inch Nails
12. “Can you hear me (IanCurtis)” by SONOIO
13. “Heartbeats (Live)” by The Knife
14. “Playground Love” by Air
15. “Vocab (Refugees Hip Hop Remix)” by The Fugees
16. “Disco//Very” by Warpaint
17. “Fantasy Bar” by Juliette Lewis
18. “If I Were President (Skit)” by The Pharcyde
19. Intermission
20. “Buddy” by Black Dice
21. Climax
22. “B Line” by Lamb
23. “Diamonds” by Giorgio Moroder (featuring Charli XCX)
24. “Danny (Lonely Blue Boy)” by Jon Brion
25. “Mit dir (Extended)” by Robert Görl
26. “So Alive (Single Version)” by Love and Rockets
27. “Still Life” by The Horrors
28. Denoument
29. “Outro” by Louis CK