Superwalk: 2016 to 2017, Aesthetic evolution

The Superwalk work (for the most part) features the person voted last years’ National Hero, Blake Bell. The image treatments and the Superwalk branded video pieces were colour retimed a little bolder than previous applications. For the photos in the social media posts, posters and postcards Blake’s’ image was retimed higher contrast, blended with some textural paper elements, then treated with ink runs and blots to create the text spaces. Again, to emulate a Superhero theme through a retro pastiche pulp/comic motif. The intention was to move the aesthetic attributes of the Superwalk narrative out from the historic “toon” interpretation of it, into a more contemporary frame. One that appropriates from the senses (i.e. touch and smell) that people may relate back to their experiences with comics. While continuing to impress the Superhero/Superwalk theme with the goal of adding contextual authenticity to it. I felt it was an important piece to add to how we were telling Blake’s story, because through participation it becomes someone else’s’ story.

Superwalk: Title GFX – Version One (2016)

Superwalk: Title GFX – Version Two (2017)

Superwalk: Title GFX – Version Three (2017)