Superwalk: 2016 Print & Digital Works

Parkinson Superwalk was already in full throttle when I was first brought on staff at Parkinson Canada, in July of 2016. A partnering agency was handling the digital buys on Facebook, Twitter and through Google. Most of the collateral and products were already made. So, it was my job to come in and work from what was established while trying to make some basic visual and aesthetic enhancements were possible. Helping the program that was already running leverage my capabilities in-house.

These products followed the event programs brand standards and by the examples of the other work produced to date of my initial engagement. However, I could paint with my brushes by producing more content for event day digital outreach and by refining some of the motifs in the 2016 product suites. And in filling the gaps in some of the print, TV and other advertisements yet to be produced leading up to the event date.

That’s what you’re seeing here. The digital collateral has a lot of standard pieces featuring the two main taglines, “everyday heroes, extraordinary hope” and “there is hope in our walk.” After those, I started making some fun event day pieces featuring different hashtag themes and trying to have fun with the events participants and relating to their experiences. It’s a fun day, so it needed some fun pieces.

My personal favourite is the little “#bauss” girl, she says so much in her a direct to camera steel gaze. It’s a knowing gaze, a #Bauss gaze.