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Appropriation vs. Misrepresentation.


I wanted to dig in a little further about appropriation relating to colonialism and specifically about First Nations relationship Colonialist Appropriation of Indigenous Cultures.


Indigenous Canadians have been subject to misappropriation and misrepresentation for generations. It’s a symptom of colonialisms slow genocide of the Indigenous identity. The constant misrepresentation strips Indigenous identities of social and political value, undermining civil rights.


This what white people feigning offence about “PC Police” and censorship are clearly missing. They’re missing it because the caucasian quality of life, status and identity has never been threatened with the kind of social and systemic evictions non-caucasians experience each day. The Western “White” identity is not under any threat of extinction and it never has been.


The ideological need to “make (North) America great again,” are people choosing not to witness social injustice. Authorities, institutions and elected representatives are not inclusive. They design communications to abstract the neglect. The ideological libertarian audience see these messages about diversity, inclusion or progress and are mead to mistake the reality of cultural assimilation for empathy.


We are now in the midst of an import discussion about the historic and ongoing extinction of Indigenous culture in Canada. Here is some of it.


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Post Photo: Frances Densmore recording Blackfoot chief Mountain Chief for the Bureau of American Ethnology in 1916. Taken from this page.

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