Parkinson Canada: 2016.

Creative and art direction & design.
Video production and post-production.

December 31st, 2015 was that last day of the Parkinson Society of Canada. On January 1st, 2016 several of the federated partners and came together to serve Canadians as one unified organization, as Parkinson Canada. Amalgamating regional partners allows Parkinson Canada to better identify knowledge and service gaps within the research and health services community. To leverage existing resources and develop new ones to better serve and advocate all Canadians living with and affected by Parkinson’s disease. Also, to address the growing threat that the disease is becoming. A study funded by several charities representing multiple neurodegenerative and brain disorders, lead by Parkinson Canada found that the rate of growth for Parkinson’s disease will double by the year 2031. The study also showed that over 25 people per day are newly diagnosed. Currently, 100,000 Canadians and more than 6 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s.

The concept for the online campaign was based on and closed with a quote (at the top of the page) from Muhammad Ali, who recently died with Parkinson’s disease. I wanted to make a direct appeal to Parkinson Canada’s existing audience and leverage that base to drive further outreach, while doing a hyper targeted digital ad buy.

Because of these alarming statistics and expected rate of growth, there is a need for a reflexive and decisive leadership. Leadership to develop practical and up to date information and training resources. Leadership in funding innovative, basic research that can make a better life possible for Canadians living with Parkinson’s. Leadership in training more Movement Disorder specialists in Canada. Leadership in advocating for better public policy and strategies in addressing the current disease state and shaping the healthcare environment to be more inclusive of Parkinson’s symptoms and circumstances.

This change in mission priorities and the broadening of the audience Parkinson Canada identified a few key areas in which they would need to better communicate. Specifically, they wanted to analyzing their audience and look at developing more effective communication contingencies and market opportunities to not only build their revenue, but to also curate and maintain a stronger relationship with their donors. A position was created within the fundraising department, and I was brought on to fill it.


2016: Campaign Concept
Art direction & design

Welcome to Fundraising Marketing & Communications

I was hired in a role to run & gun, develop content and then create it. A full scope creative, conceptualizing, writing, creating (designing, shooting, recording) and then distributing fundraising communications and marketing materials. The first three months there, I started studying their existing fundraising product suite, print and digital practices. Then started developing some new pieces and updating the aesthetics and language. Looking at the Direct Mail format, the Email Solicitations, web and social media messaging and aesthetics.

The hyper-targeting digital campaign was something the Parkinson Superwalk team was already developing and employing with an agency partner. Leveraging records from the existing database to engage with potential participants and donors in the event through modest Facebook, Twitter, and Google ad buys.

2016: Print & Digital Design
Art direction & design
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