Manitoba New Democrats
"Pallister: Not worth the risk."

A fun and weird little spot.

As much disdain as people have for attack ads, they’re extremely fun to make. So, when the Manitoba NDP came calling, I didn’t hesitate to pick up.

This ad was proposed as something simple and punchy. And aside from the tonal shift to name drop the, at the time, newly elected Federal Liberal Government, it is basically the same as what had been conceptualized.

I know people might not like attack ads, people might think that they are bad and mean. I agree, they can be… I don’t make an attack attack to be mean spirited, I make them to be poignant and researched. In fact, all of the things mentioned in this ad have come to pass during Brian Pallister’s tenure as Manitoban Premier.

I personally would like to make ads that are lighter in their tone that address partisan values and their conflicting policy values and outcomes , with more brevity.

However, this ad was fun.

All of the music in the three variations is my own. Version two being my favourite, maybe three. One was actually the one I wouldn’t have picked. I also used it in an attack ad for the Ontario NDP in 2014, mentioned that, but they still like it best 🙂

The glitch edits and tones were fun to make.

I got to Produce, Direct, conceptualize, co-write, edit, animate and score this piece.

"Pallister: Not worth the risk."

Version one

Version two

Version three

Concept and treatment

Concept, writing and drawings.