"I pity those whose end mirrors mine.
And I pity myself."
- Shia LaBeouf
Back to our ones.

The title alone “#INTRODUCTIONS” imposes a social media signature on to an etiquette ritual. It’s advancing the invitation to a global audience and the connected world of potential creative collaborators. The offer is to interpret, manipulate, re-contextualize and diffuse their offer in different capacities.

The longest of the three pieces I made from the #INTRODUCTIONS footage. This one places more priority on the audio treatment to determine the aesthetics. For the postproduction process on this, I started a new line for each new layer in which LaBeouf chanted “ohm.” In the audio mix I affected varied layers and created new spaces for the sound to move through and live in. With that in mind, I repeated that concept with the compositing, have a new layer of Shia LaBeouf grow into the other before it. The backgrounds, blending and foregrounds follow are in part audio reactive, the visual treatment follows the concept of the space created for the new layer of the sound. All of this was derived from the theory of “om” being comic or mystical sound connected to a form of divinity. Also the ‘Ohm’ in relation to its electrical function as the resistive points in a conductor. And finally as Ohm, but the symbol “Ω” as in Omega, related to the book of revelations use of ‘Alpha and Omega’ which ambiguously implies Christ, God, a beginning and an end.

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