"I pity those whose end mirrors mine.
And I pity myself."
- Shia LaBeouf
Back to our ones.

The title alone “#INTRODUCTIONS” imposes a social media signature on to an etiquette ritual. It’s advancing the invitation to a global audience and the connected world of potential creative collaborators. The offer is to interpret, manipulate, re-contextualize and diffuse their offer in different capacities.

The theme in all of these pieces are the fragmentation, reinterpretation and reconstruction. Over and Over is not only the noisiest piece of the trio. Over and over refers not only the line repeated by LaBeouf but to the editing methods, both for the audio and the video. Shifting frames out of sequences and then repeating the stanzas rhythmically. The same with the audio, different layers of the sound are repeated synchronously with the frames of video that are repeated in these stanzas. The re-order sequences are chosen for their ‘plosive’ moments of LaBeouf’s performance. The breaks, excluding the “over and over and over” line, were selected moments of ‘relief’ or ‘exhales’ before or after the ‘plosive’ pieces. The result is a loud contrast of the tension reconstructed with the relief, abstracting or denying the release and clarity of the plosive moment.

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