"I pity those whose end mirrors mine.
And I pity myself."
- Shia LaBeouf
Back to our ones.

The title alone “#INTRODUCTIONS” imposes a social media signature on to an etiquette ritual. It’s advancing the invitation to a global audience and the connected world of potential creative collaborators. The offer is to interpret, manipulate, re-contextualize and diffuse their offer in different capacities.

sRGB differentiates from RGB by the consistent application of gamma. The ’s’ in ‘sRGB’ stands for ‘standard.’ with that in mind, the piece repeats “Red, Green, Blue” rhythmically throughout as a menaced frame imposed over the other varied existential crisis LaBeouf expresses. In a whimsical interpretation of technology negating identity through its standardization. Or in direct relation to the subject of the essay that that Walter Benjamin quote is pulled from. The mechanization or culture consumption creates a uniform in which narrative is diffused.

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