Broadbent Institute: Report Layouts

Here’s a little about the Broadbent Institutes research initiatives.

“In support of our mission to champion progressive change, the Broadbent Institute publishes original research and promotes new ideas, policies, and tools.”

Research report design!

Late 2014, I was hired to do the layout for two research reports by the Broadbent Institute. The first for a critical study of how the Harper Conservative Government had been using and remaking the Canada Revenue Agency in its own regressive image.

Stephen Harper's CRA
October 2014

The main challenge for this was in the art direction of this piece. The Institute had a format for their reports that they wanted to continue using and the format created a few obstacles in formatting sections with graphics and not leaving too much negative space on the closing pages of a section.

I also had a hunger to use some images in the reports for bridging those gaps and enhancing some pull quotes.

Stephen Harper's CRA

The Wealth Gap
December 2014

I enjoyed reading this report a lot. The design had the same challenges as the October 2014 one, in that there was very little wiggle room to improve upon their existing format and enhance the visual experience with some related images or more interesting graphic treatments for the graphs or section headings.

The Wealth Gap
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