Canada's NDP: "Radicals for our Coast"

Subverting another Harper narrative.

Shot over two days in the townships of Terrace and Kitimat, BC, on the gorgeous Douglas Channel and in the Haisla Nation territory. Where the Harper Conservative Government representatives were no-shows for the Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel.

The video seeks to connect the many voices of opposition to pipeline and supertanker route with the beauty and integrity of the lands the project would harm. And then also showing how some of the industries in these communities have already failed under the Conservative/Liberal “rip & ship” resource exploitation. It was abundantly clear that the people living, working and loving their home did not want the pipeline or Supertankers in their backyard.

MP’s: Megan Leslie, Nathan Cullen, Fin Donnelly, Randall Garrison and Alex Atamanenko.
And “Radicals”… Gerald Amos, Bruce Hill and Cheryl Brown.

“When environmentalists spoke up about their concerns about the Enbridge pipeline proposal, Conservatives called them “radicals” and “enemies of Canada” continuing to use overheated rhetoric and wedge politics to pit Canadians against each other. Radicals for Our Coast calls out Conservative wedge politics.”
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